Mike Kelleher - Hollister

Mike Kelleher - Hollister

Motivational speaker Lou Tice called it a “Scotoma”—an area of partial alteration to one’s field of vision.  Allstate Insurance represents something similar in one of it’s television commercials featuring a man by the name of “Mayhem”.  In this particular ad we see Mayhem clinging to the side of an unsuspecting woman’s SUV claiming to be her blind spot. Acting as the woman’s blind spot in her car he tells her its all clear to change lanes however, when she proceeds to change lanes she crashes into another oncoming truck.  How can this so called “blind spot” affect a company’s demand planning & forecasting process or even the bottom line?  If this blind spot impacts management, could it impact the entire team?

The answer is yes it can.  I had been working in the forecasting and demand planning fieldfor 17 years when I discovered that I was the blind spot, the Scotoma, in the process.  I came to understand that I had allowed my wealth of experience to overshadow the needs of the company.

In the session I will be giving at IBF’s Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Conference in Scottsdale, AZ you can hear not only some of the warning signs of a potential blind spot but also how to re-energize ideation in yourself and others in order to eliminate the blind spot or neutralize its effects.  I will also provide five important qualities that reporting should contain, and I will touch upon the qualities of a great forecaster as well.

We are fortunate to enjoy the world of forecasting.  Forecasting mixes the discipline of science with the beauty of art.  I hope you will join me in generating ideas and lighting a new path to success.

Michael Kelleher
Chief Forecaster – North America

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