Journal of Business Forecasting Fall 2012

Volume 31 Issue 3
Fall 2012

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Featured Articles:

Successful Global S&OP: Leadership, Change Management, Behavior, & Cross-Cultural Differences
Niels Van Hove explains as businesses go global, the expansion of the S&OP process must follow. He outlines why cultural issues are so important and how to adapt to them. One of the factors in the success of Global S&OP is a company’s ability to adapt to the local culture, while developing and implementing S&OP. It is important to recognize we have the ability to change our company’s culture, but not the country it is situated in. Other key considerations include constructive behaviors, effective change management, and leadership support, all covered in this excellent and timely article.

Forecasting Performance For North American Consumer Products
Robert F. Byrne demonstrates another inventory reduction tactic utilizing forecast improvement and bias reduction by forecasting using daily instead of monthly data. His demonstration includes data from a who’s who of large companies including Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Kraft Foods, Kimberly-Clark, General Mills, ConAgra Foods, and Campbell’s Soup.

Ranking Professional Forecasters in an Unbalanced Panel: A New Approach
John Silva and Azhar Iqbal point out the flaws in the methodology currently used by Bloomberg in ranking forecasters, and provide a solution to improve the accuracy.

What Demand Planners Can Learn from the Stock Market
Charles Re Corr empathizes with the challenges faced by forecasters in industries like utilities, ranching and the stock market. His article details the connection of demand forecasting to the stock market.

Thanks to the IBF
Larry Lapide discusses the role the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning has played in disseminating the knowledge of sales forecasting and planning over the last 30 plus years.

Taking the Worthwhile Trip from S&OP to SIOP
Sean P. Willems In his article, Sean P. Willems shows how an inventory optimization tool can help to reduce inventory in the S&OP effort.

Acceleration of Global Growth in 2013 Led by the Americas and Non-Euro Countries in Europe
Evangelos Otto Simos talks about acceleration of global growth, which he feels will be led by the Americans and Non-Euro countries in Europe. He also gives updated growth rates and inflation rates of 60 different countries.

The U.S. Economy…Stuck in Neutral
Jack Malehorn discusses why the US economy is stuck in neutral, and presents forecasts of 13 key economic indicators and predicts how they will affect economic growth

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