Eric Wilson, CPF

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Finance Must Work Together with Demand Planning: My Case for A Centralized Forecasting Process

Stop me if you have heard this before. We need more accurate forecasts, and we need them faster. Things are becoming more complex and we need to better understand the drivers behind demand. There is an increased need for insights not just numbers, an... Read More...
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Why Sales Must Work Together with Demand Planning: A Tale of Missed Opportunities and Unrealistic Expectations

The Sales Department’s primary function is to sell the firm’s product or service. They are judged on their sales performance based on what is achievable according to market conditions. If the market is buoyant and there are tailwinds, we would expect... Read More...

Eric Wilson, CPF

Eric is a predictive analytics and business planning innovator, author, and speaker. He is the Director of Thought Leadership at The Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF), as well as the Director of Demand Planning at Escalade Sports. In 2016, he received the Excellence in Business Forecasting & Planning award from The IBF. He is a Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF) with over 20 years experience. Eric is a visionary in his field, a frequent speaker and panellist for many executive forums and professional conferences, and has written numerous articles in publications such as The Journal of Business Forecasting and APICS Magazine. He is also the author of the book Cultural Cycles.