It is not uncommon to hear the frustration about turnover of personnel in the forecasting and planning profession. “We invest a lot of money in training them, but they leave.” This may be because their salaries are not competitive, while other companies offer much more. This latest IBF benchmarking study of salaries in the forecasting and planning profession can provide some information on what other companies are paying.

Gauging Salaries of Demand Planner and Forecasting Professionals

The objective of this study is to benchmark the salaries of forecasting professionals by rank, which includes Forecast Analyst, Senior Forecast Analyst, Forecast Manager, Senior Forecast Manager, Director of Forecasting, and Vice President of Forecasting. For simplicity, we equated Demand Planner as Forecast Analyst, Sr. Demand Planner as Sr. Forecast Analyst, Demand Planning Manager as Forecast Manager, etc. Salaries are benchmarked:

1. When all industries are combined
2. By industry: Consumer Products and Food & Beverages
3. By region
4. By the size of a company
5. By academic background
6. By the software they use

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