Folks, it is with great pleasure to welcome all of you to the IBF’s Blog! I don’t know why it has taken us so long to get here with the amount of content, knowledge and experience we have to share in Demand Planning, Forecasting, and the Supply Chain. But, we’ve arrived and now full speed ahead.

Please consider this forum a platform to hear lessons learned, opinions, thoughts and disagreements about Forecasting, Demand Planning and optimizing the Supply Chain. This is a place to get personal insights from what practitioners at every level are dealing with in the field today.

Furthermore, we cannot get to a higher place and expand the boundaries of the discussion without questioning the opinions and experience of others. The only way this can be nurtured is by commenting on the points raised in postings to generate discussion. The interaction and discussion will help you think in new ways, while at the same time help us ensure we deliver answers to your problems through all of Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning – IBF’s programs. So, share your thoughts, beliefs, and experience without fear. Often times, there is no right answer, but that’s ok.

In terms of our bloggers, we have some amazing people and thought leaders that will be making contributions to this blog.

Larry Lapide

Larry Lapide

Our bloggers include Dr. Larry Lapide, a well known educator in Forecasting and Planning and regular contributor to our Journal of Business Forecasting. If you’re researching best practices in forecasting & planning, you will more than likely run across some of his articles and writings in the field. There is no doubt that many of the best practices he has written about is being utilized throughout corporate America and the world today. Plus, his endearing quality is his approachability and willingness to help, which magnifies the person he is. Of course, if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you’ll have an in too .

T. Wallace

Tom Wallace

We also have Tom Wallace of TF Wallace & Co., one of the pioneers and well known thought leaders in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Tom does an incredible job of simplifying complex processes and ideas, making them accessible and easy to understand for the masses that want to bring S&OP to their company or just improve upon what they currently have.  Tom will always help you “bring the moose on the table.”  You don’t understand what that means?  Well, ask him and he’ll tell you.

Jeff Marthins www.ibf.org

Jeff Marthins

We also have Jeff Marthins, Director of Supply Chain from TastyKake Baking Company. Jeff is a prime example of someone who has learned quite a deal from the IBF, IBF Conferences, IBF research, etc. and has used them to bring success to his company. Jeff will provide a true “straight from the line of fire,” perspective in his postings. As an active practitioner, he has spoken at many IBF events and will speak about his real world experiences providing different angles on forecasting topics such as his webinar: CSI S&OP.

Mark Lawless

Mark Lawless

We also have Mark Lawless, the IBF’s lead trainer for our online training, corporate training, and regular contributor to our Supply Chain Forecasting Digest. I have to say it’s a privilege to have Mark as part of our team. He’s a true example of the right balance between humility and intelligence. Mark will provide regular snap shots and opinions of what’s happening in industry through his regular interaction with professionals trying to make it happen at their respective companies. So stay tuned.

Chaman L. Jain, Ph.D

Chaman L. Jain, Ph.D

The IBF blog would not be complete if we did not have Dr. Chaman L. Jain sharing his valuable ideas and knowledge for discussion. In my eyes, Dr. Jain has been a major pillar in shaping this field of forecasting & planning for practitioners. Last year, his paper was published in the Wall Street Journal as part of MIT’s Sloan Management Review. Dr. Jain is also the founder of the Journal of Business Forecasting and the IBF. So listen carefully, if he writes. You may pick-up something that could bring you to new levels, both in your career and for your company. You won’t get theory from him. You’ll get practical knowledge that is useful and just makes simple sense.

A. Jain

Anish Jain

And then there is me. As Managing Director of the IBF, I would not be here if I didn’t believe in this field and the benefit it provides to companies across the globe. There is no greater pleasure than when you hear a company found success through the learning’s provided by IBF. It’s like that one golf shot that keeps you coming back. I look forward to hitting the ball longer, straighter, lowering my handicap, and making cuts until the body is unable to do more. So stay tuned and get ready. We also plan to regularly add new bloggers as we meet professionals with great stories to tell. Again, we welcome you to be a part of this journey and look forward to your regular interaction!

Kind Regards, Anish Jain

Managing Director, IBF