IBF Webinar Series – Alan Milliken: Transforming Big Data into Supply Chain Analytics

Alan Milliken recently presented an outstanding IBF webinar entitled Transforming Big Data into Supply Chain Analytics. Alan's presentation on the use of Big Data was not only informative but extremely insightful.  Using practical examples, Alan explained the significance of using descriptive analytics (e.g. reports, KPI's, dashboards) to report performance, how the use of predictive… Read more>>

“Big Data” Takes Center Stage at IBF Best Practices Conference and Leadership Forum

I recently attended the IBF Best Practices Conference and Leadership Forum in Orlando this past fall. Prior to my current role, I was a 15 year veteran practitioner and conference presenter in forecasting, S&OP, and planning. I’ve had the privilege of attending many presentations from experts all over the globe discussing S&OP, demand planning process development, metrics, etc…… Read more>>

Forecast Value Added (FVA) – Series 1 Interview

Interviewer: Michael Gilliland, SAS This month our interview is with Jonathon Karelse, a recognized Demand Planning and S&OP thought leader, frequent speaker, moderator, and panelist at IBF and supply chain events. Jonathon is graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management's Executive Program in Value Chain and Operations Management. He was the youngest ever Executive at Yokohama… Read more>>

New IBF Blog Series – Forecast Value Added (FVA)

Beginning this December, the Institute of Business Forecasting is proud to publish a new blog series of case studies on Forecast Value Added (FVA). Michael Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager for SAS will be leading this series as he interviews forecasters who have applied the method of FVA analysis within their organizations, and report on their findings.  Many of the forecasters… Read more>>

Understanding the Black Box

Education in the demand planning arena is a critical part of achieving improved results. We here at Continental Tire are always looking for ways to increase our forecast accuracy and improve our customer relationships; IBF is one of our main sources for doing so. Over the years, it has been my experience that the more demand planning education that a forecaster has the better. During… Read more>>

2014 Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition Award Recipients

The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, IBF, would like to proudly acknowledge and congratulate our 2014 Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition Award Recipients.  The IBF's Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition Awards are presented annually in October to those individuals who distinguish themselves as the most influential and innovative thought leaders… Read more>>