Interdepartmental Cooperation Optimizes Supply Chain Limitations – Journal of Business Forecasting Fall 2014

Volume 33 Issue 3 Fall 2014   Click here to download a sample copy of the latest Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) Click here to Become an IBF member and get a JBF subscription FREE Featured Articles: Interdepartmental Cooperation Optimizes Supply Chain Limitations By Michael Morris The author describes how working with Marketing and Sales helps manage the constraints… Read more>>

IBF Report: Benchmarking Forecast Errors

Within demand planning and forecasting, there is nothing more important than forecast accuracy. The success of any plan greatly depends on it. Forecasts allow you to determine opportunities and risks; they also help to effectively manage supply and demand. Gone are the days when manufacturers produced what they thought they could sell. That was then, if there was anything left over, Marketing… Read more>>

Unraveling Demand Planning: The Importance of Capability in Modern Supply Chain

Nearly four years ago, I landed my dream job. I was named the Demand Planning Capability Manager for Global drinks giant Diageo. A few months later I arrived in HQ full of enthusiasm for transforming the Demand Planning function with an SAP APO implementation and a killer training program. Soon after I arrived however, I started to think about what was really meant by the term… Read more>>

Segmenting for Supply Chain Planning and Customer Service Success

A 25-year high-tech supply chain veteran, Wade McDaniel is vice president of Solutions Architecture for Avnet Velocity, Avnet, Inc.'s global supply chain solutions business unit. Tradeoffs! When you hear this term, you typically think of giving something up; settling for less. But when we talk about tradeoffs in supply chain segmentation, what we are really talking about are priorities… Read more>>
Eric Wilson - Tempur Sealy

Q&A on Risk Mitigation, Forecast Value Added (FVA) and Demand Planning Segmentation Strategies

Recently Eric Wilson, CPF , Director of Global Demand Planning and S&OP at Tempur Sealy International delivered an IBF Webinar on Risk Mitigation, Forecast Value Added (FVA) and Demand Planning Segmentation Strategies.  Below are some of the Questions & Answers that took place with Eric. Q: What is Forecasting Value Added (FVA) and how is it calculated? FVA% (Forecast Value… Read more>>

Patience is a Virtue, Especially When Implementing an Integrated Business Planning (IBP)/ Executive S&OP Process

  Back in early 2013, when I moved into my current role of leading the global Integrated Business Planning (IBP)/ S&OP program for Mondelez, I came into the job from a Business Unit operations leadership role. As any of you operational folks will relate to, getting “stuff” done “now” is what keeps the lights on, but moving into a global job takes some adjusting because… Read more>>