How New Demand Planners Pick-up Where the Last one Left off at Unilever

The demand planner serves as the unbiased arbiter in the S&OP cycle. This role involves taking a cold hard look at manufacturing, logistics, marketing, sales and finance to paint an objective picture of demand. A strange blend of cross-departmental cooperation, leadership and statistical analysis, demand planners are the rarest of breeds. This unique combination of analysis, leadership… Read more>>

eCommerce/Omnichannel Planning & Forecasting – Special IBF Journal Issue

The lastest special issue of IBF's Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) - Winter 2016-2017, is dedicated to the newly emerged channel of distribution, e-Commerce. A total game changer, it has disrupted many markets and has revolutionized the forecasting paradigm. It has changed the way manufacturers sell their products and the way consumers buy them. Manufacturers now sell their products… Read more>>

A Critical Look at Measuring and Calculating Forecast Bias

I cannot discuss forecasting bias without mentioning MAPE, but since I have written about those topics in the past, in this post, I will concentrate on Forecast Bias. Forecast Bias can be described as a tendency to either over-forecast (forecast is more than the actual), or under-forecast (forecast is less than the actual), leading to a forecasting error. There are many reasons why such… Read more>>

My Powerful Journey in Demand Planning – Hooked on Analytics

My career in forecasting has been challenging, at times frustrating, and above all immensely rewarding. This is my story of how I learnt to predict consumer trends, and revolutionize the fortunes of the companies I have worked for. It all started at AIWA Consumer Electronics in the early 1990s. Here I was, a fresh MBA in my first Associate Product Manager role for personal audio products… Read more>>

Dedicating an Independent S&OP Process for New Product Planning

In today’s economy, being on top of what is on the consumer’s mind is key, and having a successful stream of new products remains of paramount importance. New product introductions often count for more than 30% of a company’s revenue, and “getting it right” can make or break the year’s bottom line. What does “getting it right” mean? ...Providing the right product, to the right… Read more>>

S&OP: Hire for Strategy, Not for Need

“You’ve got the req. — go get to hiring.” Hearing these words from a superior can be enlivening… or startling… or both. In the still-evolving world of Sales & Operations Planning — a world of theory, studies, perceptions, and perspectives — many champions see the investment of personnel as the biggest predictor of success. While executive sponsorship is often cited… Read more>>