Volatility Kills: Cross-Functional Change Management in S&OP To Survive The VUCA Environment

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have become ever-present factors in the market. The result? Some traditional supply chain processes are stretched to breaking point. How do organizations build the required capabilities to sustain and grow their businesses in this increasingly volatile and unpredictable environment? Confronting the Harsh New Reality In S&OP and Demand… Read more>>
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3 Cornerstones Of Successful S&OP Rollout

The average global company has 5 different S&OP processes, scattered across different regions and completely unintegrated. If yours is one of them, then congratulations! You have an opportunity to fix it and drive serious improvements in visibility, cost reduction and efficiency. Global companies without an integrated global S&OP process are not using their assets in the most efficient… Read more>>

In The Battle Between Demand Driven & Demand Planning, Both Sides Are Failing

Coke versus Pepsi, New York versus Chicago style pizza, The Red Sox versus The Yankees – we all have the right opinions and know the other side is obviously wrong and have lost their minds. We could easily add to this list our own continuous debates of IBP versus S&OP, opinions on one number forecasts, and now Demand Driven versus Demand Planning. With any of these debates it seems… Read more>>
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Why Sales Must Work Together with Demand Planning: A Tale of Missed Opportunities and Unrealistic Expectations

The Sales Department’s primary function is to sell the firm’s product or service. They are judged on their sales performance based on what is achievable according to market conditions. If the market is buoyant and there are tailwinds, we would expect Sales to perform well. At the same time, you would expect Operations to plan ahead so sales have what they need, and Management to revise… Read more>>
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Christmas Gift or Christmas Curse for Forecasting & Planning Professionals During the Holiday Season

Forecasters and planners face unprecedented challenges in meeting increased consumer demand across multiple channels. It is only October and already it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. For many people, they call it the holiday season – for business forecasters, we call it seasonality. For some companies, the next few months can see over a twenty or thirty percent increase in their… Read more>>
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Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Business Forecasts, and Other Key Factors Demand Planners Must Consider

As difficult as it is to forecast a hurricane’s intensity and where it will make landfall—it may be equally challenging for companies to forecast and understand the full impact of such an event on their sales. Hurricane Harvey will certainly ripple through many organizations’ supply chains for months to come and what they may discover is that this could be costlier than any hurricane… Read more>>