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Island Harvest, Long Island, NY

Here in the US, Thanksgiving is upon us, as we prepare to celebrate together with family and friends sharing a feast and give thanks for what we have.

Unfortunately, there is a growing number of people that struggle to feed themselves and their families every day. Statistics listed this past October showed that Long Island, our local community, is home to a staggering 285,000 people that face hunger every day.  Long Island Newsday, our popular local news source, recently posted that a local food bank charity called Island Harvest, has received a 68 percent increase in Thanksgiving meal requests from its 570 member agencies. This is an influx that the organization is not prepared to handle as we are now only a couple of days away from Thanksgiving and they are still short on food.

We at the IBF feel that no one should go hungry, especially during the Holiday Season and that is why we made a financial contribution to Island Harvest on behalf of our association. Local not-for-profit organizations such as Island Harvest benefit not only from contributions but also through exposure and the raised awareness that comes from word of mouth. During this holiday season, we would like to encourage you to take a moment to find out about charities in your area. Find one that is in line with your beliefs and give them a shout out on your network.

On behalf of the whole IBF family, we wish you a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US.