Author: Tom Wallace

GOOD STUFF in Chicago, The Business Case for S&OP

No I’m not talking about the Chicago Cubs or deep dish pizza. Rather, I’m talking about our third Best of the Best S&OP Conference, co-sponsored by APICS and IBF last month. It was quite a success with a very nice turnout, particularly when one considers the state of the economy. And the speakers – if you’ll pardon my language – did a damn fine job. One of the pearls that… Read more>>

News Flash! Long Lead Times, Safety Stock, Backorders Etc. All Cost Money

What goes around comes around. Many years ago, when I was young, people in the Northeast and Midwest were upset because they were losing jobs to the South. Let’s call that Phase 1. Later, people all over the U.S. were upset because so many jobs were going to Mexico. That’s Phase 2, and it was followed by Phase 3: jobs going to Japan. After that, we saw Phase 4: people in Japan deeply… Read more>>

The Scoop on S&OP: One Company’s Recession Story

This is my first posting to the IBF’s new blog, and I’d like to express my thanks, first of all, to you, the readers and also to Anish Jain of the IBF who invited me in. Okay, let’s get to work. Are you ready for a horror story? It ranks right up there with “Night of the Living Dead,” “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” and “Aliens II.”  It’s about dealing with these… Read more>>