Land O’Lakes

S&OP or BUST! at Land O’Lakes Company

Eighteen months ago I decided I would put my job on the line if that is what would take to improve our planning processes and implement S&OP. Due to the changes required, some implementation issues, and my own actions; I must admit that I came very close to that line.  Fortunately, I survived and in the process learned some valuable lessons. We did get a few things right, but those… Read more>>

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Best Practice – Says Who?

Who defines and says what are best practices? The person speaking? The loudest voice? The person with the most expensive shoes? The person with the most impressive degree? Maybe it is the highest paid consultant? We hired a consulting group and have implemented what we believe to be a best practice consulting group. In April 2009 we began the “Best Practice” S&OP process. At times… Read more>>