Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning

Forecast Value Added (FVA) – Interview Series 4 – Moen Incorporated

This month’s interview is with Erin Marchant, Senior Analyst in Demand Management at Moen, Incorporated. Erin has over ten years of varied experience in Supply Chain, from strategic sourcing to material planning, production scheduling, and demand management. She is also Moen’s Demand Planning and Analytical Systems Power User. Erin is a graduate of Heidelberg University, and also… Read more>>

The Importance of an Early “Win” in Developing a Predictive Business Analytics Capability

Predictive analytics are increasingly becoming a necessary capability for organizations that wish to better achieve business goals through the use of data. They provide a systematic mechanism through which a myriad of data can be transformed into value. Depending on the organization, however, getting the right data warehousing / business intelligence system in place can be a daunting task… Read more>>

Reaching Supply Chain Success with Demand Planning at the Royal Commission Health Services Program

“To provide Jubal Industrial Community with integrated comprehensive quality health services” is our hospital’s mission. Complex as it is, supply chain management through reliable forecasting and demand planning plays a significant role in any industry. Managing the flow of activities through a series of processes enables the chain to function well, thus improving inventory visibility… Read more>>

Forecast Value Added (FVA) – Series 3 Interview

Interviewer: Michael Gilliland, SAS This month’s interview is with Steve Morlidge of CatchBull. Steve has 30 years of practical experience in designing and running performance management systems at Unilever, and is the author of Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting. His book is aimed at a general business audience, although he has also written extensively in journals… Read more>>

S&OP and Culture Change: How To Stay The Course

We have all read, discussed and used the famous quote from Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and S&OP is definitely a strategic approach to managing business outcomes that can get derailed in a culture clash. For those of us in the supply chain world we all know the value proposition of Sales and Operations Planning. Through the S&OP process, customer… Read more>>