Organizational Agility: S&OP and Financial Integration Creates Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Does your S&OP process require you to integrate plants across a global organization?  Do you have multiple forecasts for different functions and possibly different regions?  Increasingly, companies are challenged to lead the S&OP process across a global multi-national company. As everyone is aware the S&OP process starts with an accurate forecast.  While there is no magic… Read more>>

Dominate Your Competition with Forecasting, Demand Planning, and S&OP

How effective is your company at seeing the future? I’ll answer that for you, “I wish we were better at it.” The better you plan, the smoother all business functions will run. However, even the best forecasting processes still yield error and send out the wrong signals. If you want to crush the competition and keep your customers happy, you must have an accurate forecast. However… Read more>>

Forecasting, How Well Can You Do It?

I am a big fan of a ubiquitous fast food restaurant called Chipotle. Black beans, brown rice, grilled chicken, both habanero salsa and pico de gallo, cheese on a whim, but no lettuce, and definitely no sour cream. Chances are that your favorite assembly is different than mine, yet Chipotle seems to always handle the vagaries of ingredient demand. Better yet, the ingredient seems to be freshly… Read more>>

Who are You to Me and Who Am I to You in the Extended Supply Chain

It was 80 degrees and the sun was directly overhead as I walked into the corporate office for my first meeting at my new employer.  My heart was beating through my chest, as it often does in new situations, but I was confident.  It was actually about 1PM the Wednesday before my official start date, but the opportunity to meet some key contacts in our China office and the promise… Read more>>

Aligning and Managing Demand for New Products using S&OP

  Many organizations have processes that define how new products will be conceived, developed, designed, and brought to market.  Many organizations also have processes that define how they will integrate sales and operational plans to achieve their business objectives.  These processes may be at varying levels of formality and maturity.  However, it is not entirely uncommon… Read more>>

Forecast Value Added (FVA) – Interview Series 4 – Moen Incorporated

This month’s interview is with Erin Marchant, Senior Analyst in Demand Management at Moen, Incorporated. Erin has over ten years of varied experience in Supply Chain, from strategic sourcing to material planning, production scheduling, and demand management. She is also Moen’s Demand Planning and Analytical Systems Power User. Erin is a graduate of Heidelberg University, and also… Read more>>