New Learnings from Day 1 of IBF’s Business Forecasting & Planning Academy: An Attendee’s Perspective

Last week I had the opportunity to attend IBF’s Business Forecasting & Planning Academy held in Las Vegas. The two days were filled with fourteen educational sessions, three roundtable discussions, and multiple opportunities for connecting with peers and instructors. Each educational session, organized as introductory or advanced level, was two hours in length allowing for a deeper dive… Read more>>

How Many SKUs Can A Forecaster Manage? —IBF Research Report 14

  It is difficult to arrive at one fixed number of SKUs that a forecaster can manage, because situations vary from industry to industry and company to company. There are several factors at play. It depends on how easy or difficult it is to forecast, what the lead time is, the cost of forecast error, whether forecasts are prepared on an aggregate or granular level, type of data… Read more>>

Passion & Spice Missing From Your S&OP Relationship?

During a recent IBF conference in Chicago I was asked numerous times about how to make Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) less boring.    It is not the first time.    This is a very common question.    I suspect this is becoming more common place as S&OP processes mature past “storming” and into “norming”.   When processes hit this inflection point it helps… Read more>>

Organizational Agility: S&OP and Financial Integration Creates Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Does your S&OP process require you to integrate plants across a global organization?  Do you have multiple forecasts for different functions and possibly different regions?  Increasingly, companies are challenged to lead the S&OP process across a global multi-national company. As everyone is aware the S&OP process starts with an accurate forecast.  While there is no magic… Read more>>

Dominate Your Competition with Forecasting, Demand Planning, and S&OP

How effective is your company at seeing the future? I’ll answer that for you, “I wish we were better at it.” The better you plan, the smoother all business functions will run. However, even the best forecasting processes still yield error and send out the wrong signals. If you want to crush the competition and keep your customers happy, you must have an accurate forecast. However… Read more>>