S&OP: Hire for Strategy, Not for Need

“You’ve got the req. — go get to hiring.” Hearing these words from a superior can be enlivening… or startling… or both. In the still-evolving world of Sales & Operations Planning — a world of theory, studies, perceptions, and perspectives — many champions see the investment of personnel as the biggest predictor of success. While executive sponsorship is often cited… Read more>>

Never Good Enough

One way for a demand planner to reach the other side of the shore is to always question your process, reporting, and audience needs. Market dynamics are changing and so are the company’s needs. The author outlines what the demand planner has to do to succeed in this profession. “26 years of experience is working against him. He figures anything big enough to sink the ship they’re gonna… Read more>>

Is Communication More Important than Accuracy in Demand Planning?

Demand Planning performance is driven by metrics. MAPE and bias provide a compass to evaluate performance, and make necessary changes to the forecast. It is for this reason that most Demand Planning teams put a significant amount of emphasis on delivering improvements against these objectives, and why industry benchmarking reports focus in this area. In this article, I explore whether metrics… Read more>>

Financial Metrics for Demand and Supply Planners

Demand and supply planners are supporting decision-making efforts that have financial ramifications for the company. The company has many stakeholders who have a financial interest in the company with whom the management must communicate and interact. So, finance is an important skill and language for those who are leaders in the demand planning and supply planning efforts. As demand planners… Read more>>

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies within the S&OP Process

As a three-time S&OP process owner in a couple of Fortune 100 manufacturers, I’m painfully aware of how difficult it is to achieve a good working S&OP process, and how even more difficult it is to sustain it. Why is it so difficult? In this discussion, we’ll delve into why it’s so difficult to achieve and sustain the process, and introduce a few not so familiar impact issues… Read more>>

Dr. Jain Answers your S&OP and Forecasting Questions — July 2016

We regularly receive S&OP and Forecasting questions from the IBF Membership base that are answered in the Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF). I have identified 5 common questions with my responses below. In your judgment, should we centralize the forecasting function? I am more inclined toward centralization. If it is centralized, the department will be independent, and thus forecasts… Read more>>