Benefits of Forecast Sharing With Your Suppliers

A lot of attention is paid to the value of demand planning and forecast accuracy as it relates to benefits to the enterprise. These benefits include better production, inventory, distribution and buying plans. Customer deliveries are improved, while excess inventory is reduced and operations on the production floor can perform like clockwork. The “right stuff” is purchased, built… Read more>>

Putting Marketing Back in S&OP: Journal of Business Forecasting

Volume 32 Issue 1 Spring 2013 Click here to DOWNLOAD a sample copy of the latest Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) Click here to become an IBF member and get a JBF subscription FREE FEATURED ARTICLES: Putting "M"arketing Back in S&OP By Charles W. Chase, Jr. Smart organizations share common goals and performance metrics. They are also nimble and work collaboratively, focusing… Read more>>

“Perfect Candidate Profile” in Business Forecasting & Planning”

Panel discussions are most interesting when the panelists represent similar disciplines across a variety of industries. At the recent IBF Conference in Scottsdale, each of the 4 panelists were asked about various aspects of the planning process within their respective organizations. The range of topics included the single forecast plan (the one number plan), execution of the plan… Read more>>

The S&OP “Police” at Honeywell India

Last week, we had a great first meeting of the Bangalore chapter of IBF, with learning sessions on S&OP process implementation and supply chain optimization. S&OP Process Implementation was led by Karthikeyan S who is S&OP Process Lead at Honeywell and played key role in the S&OP success at Honeywell. Kathik’s discussion was extremely captivating, as well as interactive… Read more>>

Collaboration and Forecasting for Seasonal New Product Launches

At the IBF conference last month in Scottsdale Arizona, there were many interesting presentations and discussions regarding new product forecasting.  While the organizations were discrete, ranging from children’s clothing to pharmaceuticals, the challenges remain quite similar.  If accurate forecasting of new products is essential to a company's growth and profitability… Read more>>

New Product Forecasting: Special Issue of the Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF)

New product forecasting is the most challenging activity in demand planning. It is also the most rewarding. It is challenging because new products have no history to go by, and rewarding because a large of portion of sales come from them—one-fifth according to the latest survey by the Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning. Accurate forecasts help to optimize the reward and minimize… Read more>>