Thoughts About Advancing Your Career in Forecasting & Planning from an IBF Member

It was spring of 1999 when I was in Parkersburg WV looking for my next opportunity in Demand Management. I had just recently become a member of the Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF), and had begun using the career center to find possibilities for a more challenging position. Looking through the recent job postings on the IBF Jobs page, I noticed a position in Boston MA that looked… Read more>>

Leadership in Business Forecasting & Planning

At the IBF, we realize that executives are faced with unprecedented pressures to react quickly and maintain a healthy company track record, despite rising costs, shrinking margins, and lack of loyalty from customers. With a proliferation of new products in the marketplace, shorter product life-cycles, the difficulties in succeeding has become even greater. For many product launches, companies… Read more>>

Operations & Sales: Playing on the Same Team with Accurate Forecasts

As a Demand Planning Manager, a key responsibility is ensuring Sales has product to sell. Keeping inventory low to control capital and reduce out of date potential, limiting floor space to store inventory, and having good production practices to keep lines running efficiently and seasonality-- all these present a fine line between success and failure. How do you keep yourself on the right… Read more>>

How Many SKU’s Can A Demand Planner Handle?

Driven by a recent discussion at my company, I recently raised a question on the IBF’s Linkedin discussion group; can a demand planner do its job in half the time? The initial reaction, was, ‘of course not.’ But, as timed passed, the responses started changing. The most common answer was “it all depends.” The answer can be found by examining why, how and what is being sold… Read more>>

5 Keys to One-Number Forecasting & Planning Success @World Kitchen

YES…It is Really Possible to Create a One Number Forecast. Are you tired of everyone second guessing your forecast? No one believes the number…..and why should they? There are multiple variations of your forecast floating around the company. Finance has one, sales has one, marketing too! It is ok for people to have different perspectives on what the forecast should… Read more>>

SKU Rationalization: Improving Forecast Accuracy and Profitability

IBF’s LinkedIn discussion group presently features a  lively conversation going on about SKU rationalization, a favorite topic of mine. Anthony Davidson initiated the conversation by posting the question,“…what key factors should be considered in determining which SKUs should be eliminated from the mix?” It is generally agreed upon that unchecked product proliferation will result… Read more>>