How to Use What-if Analysis in S&OP – Journal of Business Forecasting

Volume 32 Issue 3 Fall 2013 Click here to DOWNLOAD a sample copy of the latest Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) Click HERE to become an IBF member and get a JBF subscription FREE FEATURED ARTICLES: "How to Use What-If Analysis in Sales and Operations Planning" By Sujit K. Singh and Jane B. Lee In uncertain markets, what-if analysis is a must for demand and supply planning… Read more>>

Simple Tools for Evaluating the Forecasting Process

In the movie Slingblade, there is a great scene where they bring an apparently broken lawnmower to Karl (Billy Bob Thornton): “Karl, see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this. It won’t crank up and everything seems to be put together right.”  After a brief inspection, Karl responds “It ain’t got no gas in it.” Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are most… Read more>>

Dancing to S&OP to See Who Hears the Music and Joins In

“The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader” – Derek Sivers Implementing an S&OP process is a daunting task at most companies, but it is also a great opportunity for mid-level managers to demonstrate leadership and directly affect their company’s bottom line.  Much has been said about “getting executive buy-in” being critical for success, but there are other… Read more>>

Goodbye Traditional Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

I recently asked an open question to the 12 people on our monthly S&OP Demand Planning call, “So, does anyone have any inputs on events, promotions, new or lost business… anything my team should incorporate into the forecast?…” Silence. Again. I had talked for the last 50 minutes, reviewing monthly reports on forecasted sales volume, actual sales in prior month… Read more>>

Integrating your Sales and Marketing Teams with S&OP

I recently attended the IBF APICS Best of the Best S&OP Conference that took place in Chicago back in June. When people talked about why they implemented S&OP, they listed the following as their top reasons, not in any specific order: 1) Achieve supply/demand alignment 2) Increase customer service levels 3) Lower inventories 4) Reduced lead times 5) One game plan/organizational… Read more>>

Managing Demand Planning & Forecasting for Highly Unpredictable Products

In the field of supply chain management one is bound to deal with complex problems in various shapes and forms. The key differentiator between an average practitioner and an excellent one is the ability to generate solutions that not only deliver results in the short-term, but long into the future as well. This is the challenge that I faced when I had to manage the demand planning… Read more>>