CLIF Bar: What an Effective S&OP Process Brings to the Company

CLIF Bar was formally launched in 1992. An instant hit with cyclists and climbers, CLIF Bar’s distribution began at bike shops, outdoor stores and natural food retailers. Soon CLIF Bar’s popularity grew with outdoor adventure seekers of all types, and distribution expanded to include grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail outlets nationwide. In the late 1990s, the energy… Read more>>

Fostering SALES & MARKETING Participation in Demand Planning – Journal of Business Forecasting (Special Issue)

In any organization, two functions that play a key role in generating business are Sales and Marketing, neither of which can do it alone. They need each other’s support, as well as that of Operations. Since each function has different roles and responsibilities and are evaluated on different sets of metrics, their agendas don’t align, which become a source of tension. The key concern… Read more>>

What Makes a Good Demand Planner? Sugar and Spice?

Over the years, I have been asked this question many times and there are multiple thoughts on the matter. However, as a practitioner, I have a realistic, hands-on, down in the dirt, approach to the answer.  Having worked in three different manufacturing industries, I have seen several different ways the demand planner is hired and developed: 1) Outside hire with experience, 2) Internal… Read more>>

IBF Congratulates our 2013 Business Forecasting & Planning Excellence Award Winners

The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, IBF, wishes to congratulate our 2013 Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition Awards Winners. The IBF has established the Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition awards to recognize the best and most innovative thought leaders, solutions and ideas in the field. This year's winners are:   LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT… Read more>>

How to Use What-if Analysis in S&OP – Journal of Business Forecasting

Volume 32 Issue 3 Fall 2013 Click here to DOWNLOAD a sample copy of the latest Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) Click HERE to become an IBF member and get a JBF subscription FREE FEATURED ARTICLES: "How to Use What-If Analysis in Sales and Operations Planning" By Sujit K. Singh and Jane B. Lee In uncertain markets, what-if analysis is a must for demand and supply planning… Read more>>

Simple Tools for Evaluating the Forecasting Process

In the movie Slingblade, there is a great scene where they bring an apparently broken lawnmower to Karl (Billy Bob Thornton): “Karl, see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this. It won’t crank up and everything seems to be put together right.”  After a brief inspection, Karl responds “It ain’t got no gas in it.” Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are most… Read more>>