What Makes a Good Demand Planner? Sugar and Spice?

Over the years, I have been asked this question many times and there are multiple thoughts on the matter. However, as a practitioner, I have a realistic, hands-on, down in the dirt, approach to the answer.  Having worked in three different manufacturing industries, I have seen several different ways the demand planner is hired and developed: 1) Outside hire with experience, 2) Internal… Read more>>

IBF Congratulates our 2013 Business Forecasting & Planning Excellence Award Winners

The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, IBF, wishes to congratulate our 2013 Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition Awards Winners. The IBF has established the Business Forecasting & Planning Recognition awards to recognize the best and most innovative thought leaders, solutions and ideas in the field. This year's winners are:   LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT… Read more>>

How to Use What-if Analysis in S&OP – Journal of Business Forecasting

Volume 32 Issue 3 Fall 2013 Click here to DOWNLOAD a sample copy of the latest Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) Click HERE to become an IBF member and get a JBF subscription FREE FEATURED ARTICLES: "How to Use What-If Analysis in Sales and Operations Planning" By Sujit K. Singh and Jane B. Lee In uncertain markets, what-if analysis is a must for demand and supply planning… Read more>>

Simple Tools for Evaluating the Forecasting Process

In the movie Slingblade, there is a great scene where they bring an apparently broken lawnmower to Karl (Billy Bob Thornton): “Karl, see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this. It won’t crank up and everything seems to be put together right.”  After a brief inspection, Karl responds “It ain’t got no gas in it.” Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are most… Read more>>

Dancing to S&OP to See Who Hears the Music and Joins In

“The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader” – Derek Sivers Implementing an S&OP process is a daunting task at most companies, but it is also a great opportunity for mid-level managers to demonstrate leadership and directly affect their company’s bottom line.  Much has been said about “getting executive buy-in” being critical for success, but there are other… Read more>>

Goodbye Traditional Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

I recently asked an open question to the 12 people on our monthly S&OP Demand Planning call, “So, does anyone have any inputs on events, promotions, new or lost business… anything my team should incorporate into the forecast?…” Silence. Again. I had talked for the last 50 minutes, reviewing monthly reports on forecasted sales volume, actual sales in prior month… Read more>>