Forecasting and Planning

S&OP and Culture Change: How To Stay The Course

We have all read, discussed and used the famous quote from Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and S&OP is definitely a strategic approach to managing business outcomes that can get derailed in a culture clash. For those of us in the supply chain world we all know the value proposition of Sales and Operations Planning. Through the S&OP process, customer… Read more>>

Developing a Formal S&OP Process – Entrematic’s Forecast Journey

Over the years, Entrematic’s Amarr Door division has grown into North America’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of residential and commercial garage doors. The company operates over 70 Distribution Centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and also exports to distributors in over 40 countries. Fundamental to its success has been its people, products, and best in class… Read more>>

IBF Webinar Summary – The Timken Corporation: Organizational Alignment and Consensus: How to Engage All Functional Areas within the Forecast Development Process

Joe Eschenbrenner CPF, General Manager of Demand Management at The Timken Corporation, recently presented an extremely informative IBF Webinar entitled Organizational Alignment and Consensus: How to Engage All Functional Areas within the Forecast Development Process. Joe's amazing presentation focused on how demand planning professionals can engage functional areas within the forecast… Read more>>

Special Edition: Leveraging Predictive Business Analytics – Journal of Business Forecasting Winter 2015

Predictive Business Analytics, the practice of extracting information from existing data to determine patterns, relationships and future outcomes, is not new; it has been used in practice for many years. What is new, however is the massive amount of data, so-called Big Data, now available, that can better support decision making and improve planning & forecasting performance. Additionally… Read more>>

Improving Forecast Accuracy: Using Lean Principles to Improve the Forecasting Process

Nearly all supply chain practitioners are familiar with, or have been trained on, the use of Lean/Six Sigma tools for reducing waste and improving processes. However, these tools are often thought of as techniques only for addressing manufacturing quality and efficiency. In recent years, Lean practitioners and educators have found the tool set to be just as effective for improving business… Read more>>

Forecast Value Added (FVA) – Series 2 Interview

Interviewer: Michael Gilliland, SAS This month’s interview is with Shaun Snapp, founder and editor of SCM Focus, where he provides independent supply chain software analysis, education, and consulting. Shaun's experience and expertise spans several large consulting companies and at i2 Technologies before staring SCM Focus. He has a strong interest in comparative software design… Read more>>