Forecasting and Planning

The Difference between Demand Planning, Forecasting and S&OP

What are the goals of business? To maximize profits! From a supply chain perspective, how do we accomplish this? Let’s look at some of the key aspects of how supply chain contributes to the goals of the company. We know how important our demand planning function is to ensuring operations are timely, efficient, and cost effective. We want to ensure product availability to maximize revenues… Read more>>

Better S&OP by Building Bridges with Sales & Marketing

The biggest obstacle to S&OP implementation is fully engaging the Sales & Marketing teams. The involvement of Sales and Marketing is very low in S&OP when they should be integral to the process. Let us try and identify barriers to participation and see how we can overcome them by demonstrating the benefits for Sales & Marketing, and engaging them towards the final goal of total… Read more>>

How FedEx Uses Macroeconomic Data to Forecast Demand

Why You Need To Consider External Factors in your Forecasting Companies like UPS and FedEx are experiencing massive changes. What external factors are driving these changes? The answer lies in macroeconomics. This is the single most important issue for supply chain forecasting today and I will share some of the concepts we utilize at FedEx with you here. What I will explain… Read more>>

Awaken Your S&OP Process with Product Portfolio Management

As consumers, we regularly face a host of product dynamics relating to the various goods we purchase, whether or not we realize it. Every year brings a plethora of new product offerings as well as old favorites touting enhanced claims: brighter, whiter, tastier, spicier — all intended to make a given product more appealing. Marketers employ countless strategies to position their brands… Read more>>

How to Make the S&OP Process More Robust

In the world of Operations, we want our businesses to run like an assembly line, where people and tools are in sync. The reality, however, is very different. This is because each team in a company acts as a separate “tribe”—a community with its own culture, its own ways of thinking, and its own agenda. The differences come to light in the planning process when Sales, Finance, Marketing… Read more>>

Product Portfolio Optimization – Journal of Business Forecasting (Special Issue)

Within the pages of this particularly exciting issue, you will read articles written by the best minds in the industry to discuss multiple important aspects of Product Portfolio Optimization. This is an important topic because in today’s highly competitive market, it is becoming more important than ever to look for ways to cut costs, and increase revenue and profit. Markets are now demand… Read more>>