Author: Chaman Jain

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eCommerce/Omnichannel Planning & Forecasting – Special IBF Journal Issue

The lastest special issue of IBF's Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) - Winter 2016-2017, is dedicated to the newly emerged channel of distribution, e-Commerce. A total game changer, it has disrupted many markets and has revolutionized the forecasting paradigm. Understanding Just How Revolutionary Omnichannel Really Is It has changed the way manufacturers sell their products… Read more>>

Dr. Jain Answers your S&OP and Forecasting Questions — July 2016

We regularly receive S&OP and Forecasting questions from the IBF Membership base that are answered in the Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF). I have identified 5 common questions with my responses below. In your judgment, should we centralize the forecasting function? I am more inclined toward centralization. If it is centralized, the department will be independent, and thus forecasts… Read more>>

Product Portfolio Optimization – Journal of Business Forecasting (Special Issue)

Within the pages of this particularly exciting issue, you will read articles written by the best minds in the industry to discuss multiple important aspects of Product Portfolio Optimization. This is an important topic because in today’s highly competitive market, it is becoming more important than ever to look for ways to cut costs, and increase revenue and profit. Markets are now demand… Read more>>

Special Edition: Leveraging Predictive Business Analytics – Journal of Business Forecasting Winter 2015

Predictive Business Analytics, the practice of extracting information from existing data to determine patterns, relationships and future outcomes, is not new; it has been used in practice for many years. What is new, however is the massive amount of data, so-called Big Data, now available, that can better support decision making and improve planning & forecasting performance. Additionally… Read more>>

Interdepartmental Cooperation Optimizes Supply Chain Limitations – Journal of Business Forecasting Fall 2014

Volume 33 Issue 3 Fall 2014   Click here to download a sample copy of the latest Journal of Business Forecasting (JBF) Click here to Become an IBF member and get a JBF subscription FREE Featured Articles: Interdepartmental Cooperation Optimizes Supply Chain Limitations By Michael Morris The author describes how working with Marketing and Sales helps manage the constraints… Read more>>

IBF Report: Benchmarking Forecast Errors

Within demand planning and forecasting, there is nothing more important than forecast accuracy. The success of any plan greatly depends on it. Forecasts allow you to determine opportunities and risks; they also help to effectively manage supply and demand. Gone are the days when manufacturers produced what they thought they could sell. That was then, if there was anything left over, Marketing… Read more>>