The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning – IBF is a membership organization recognized worldwide as the premier full-service provider of demand planning & forecasting education, benchmarking research, training, certification, world-class conferences, and advisory services. For almost three decades, the IBF has been helping businesses improve their forecasting and demand planning performance in an effort to enhance growth and improve their bottom line. It has been said that no other organization on the globe has as much depth in its educational content for Demand Planning & Forecasting as IBF.

Having some of the world’s most well known global companies as its members, the IBF is constantly finding and disseminating better ways to manage demand, improve supply chain efficiency, and increase organizational performance. By becoming an IBF member, you can ensure that you stay current with proven best practices, link with global professionals facing similar challenges, ascend in your career, and bring your organization to world-class levels in performance. The IBF is a pioneer in developing a Demand Planning & Forecasting Certification program that can help boost your credentials, a well as, give management greater confidence in its people. The IBF has two levels of certification: Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF®) and Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF®).

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