Month: December 2009

Building Demand Forecasting Models for ATM Machines & the Time Value of Money Risk

The “time value of money” is at stake when you are trying to forecast demand at ATM machines and of course, customer satisfaction. Trying to get the right amount of cash for pay day and holidays requires some pretty complicated models to get this right.  The reality is that these methods and approaches of forecasting daily cash demand are just as necessary when forecasting what… Read more>>

The Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Journey Continues at IBF

Last week, I attended IBF’s Executive S&OP workshop with Tom Wallace and companies such as LG, Celegene, Integra Life Sciences, UGG Boots, and more.   Some folks flew in to New Jersey from beautiful Southern California just for the S&OP education.  Bless them for coming to the North East.  If that doesn’t show dedication to the field, I think it certainly comes close. I… Read more>>

Cleaning Up with Supplier Collaboration from the Makers of Hoover and Dirt Devil

Do you have nightmares that your critical suppliers will make short or no notice revisions to your critical component supply orders? How would your company adapt if suppliers decided to switch to buying their components from low-cost, low-quality countries and delivered unreliable or faulty parts for your products? How would your delivery performance fare if one or more components were… Read more>>