Month: June 2009

Michael Jackson and Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning

We all know a strike, natural disaster, large scale power failure/ black out, major retail customer dropping you as a supplier, major competitor dropping out of the market, recall of a product due to contamination and more can have a major impact on your demand, for the worse and for the worse (yes, I said it twice).  For the worse #1, the demand for many of your products will take a nose… Read more>>

Are We All Moving From a “Push” to a “Pull” Forecasting World like Nestle?

I always look forward to the IBF’s annual Consumer Products & Retail Forecasting Forum. It gives me a chance to validate the direction we are taking our own forecasting and demand planning processes.  There were many different themes that came out of the IBF Conference.  The one that resonated with me the most was getting closer to the customer.   Anderson Cheng, Senior Demand… Read more>>

News Flash! Long Lead Times, Safety Stock, Backorders Etc. All Cost Money

What goes around comes around. Many years ago, when I was young, people in the Northeast and Midwest were upset because they were losing jobs to the South. Let’s call that Phase 1. Later, people all over the U.S. were upset because so many jobs were going to Mexico. That’s Phase 2, and it was followed by Phase 3: jobs going to Japan. After that, we saw Phase 4: people in Japan deeply… Read more>>

Getting Top Management Support for S&OP Does Not Mean Running to the Top

If you listen to the buzz about S&OP at an IBF Conference, you will hear a repeated theme.  This seemingly endless refrain is recited by Planners, Vice Presidents, and everyone in-between.   You all know the words, so say it with me, "If you want S&OP to succeed, you need  Senior Management's support and ownership."  Achieving this seems simple enough.  There is only one step… Read more>>

Welcome to IBF’s Blog!

Folks, it is with great pleasure to welcome all of you to the IBF’s Blog! I don’t know why it has taken us so long to get here with the amount of content, knowledge and experience we have to share in Demand Planning, Forecasting, and the Supply Chain. But, we’ve arrived and now full speed ahead. Please consider this forum a platform to hear lessons learned, opinions, thoughts… Read more>>

Models Alone are Not Enough for Improving Forecasts

Statistical models are important, but they are not the be all and end all of forecasting. Forecasts can be further improved if: 1) Data is properly analyzed and treated before using a model 2) Have a process in place for obtaining data/information/feedback from various stakeholders, both within and outside the organization 3) Have a procedure that is well established for monitoring… Read more>>